Friday, April 16, 2010

Aidan At 2 Weeks Old

Last Saturday I was feeling nostalgic about having delivered to Aidan the week before. Someone made fun of me and said "First Child Syndrome". Well whatever. I'm sure I'll be feeling the same nostalgia when #2 comes along.

I am completely amazed by Aidan's development. Sometimes I think he's older than the 2 weeks that's passed.

For one, he's very alert and can track very well when someone or something is infront of him. Most babies hardly open their eyes for the first 2 weeks;
Secondly, his neck muscles are pretty strong now. He can lift his head on his own or at will;
He has put on 400+g when babies his age normally lose weight before putting on.

I had tasted about 2 bouts of his growth spurts. Parenting books should dedicate a whole chapter on Growth Spurts - heck, write a whole book on this topic, lest parents think they are a failure or leave them at their wits end.

Aidan never wanted to sleep; he was like a Bud-zilla wanted to feed ALL the time. I was putting him at my breast every hour on the hour. Just when you think he's satisfied with the feed and you lay him down to sleep, he stirs 15 min later fussing for more. Apparently, babies go through growth spurts at 2, 3 week and 3 & 6 months. Great, something to look forward to.

I leave you with a picture of him clowning around.

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