Monday, July 26, 2010

The Aidan Smell

Wei quite correctly pointed out that he now associates the dryer sheet we use for Bud's clothes to be The Aidan Smell....a mixture of coconut, palm, canola plus Bud's very own essential oils.

I'm sure halfway across the world, another set of parents also associate the same smell as their baby's scent.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tres Vogue for Mothers

I am really stoked to learn about Mothers En Vogue (MEV) at about the time Bud was born.

Here's a brand of maternity/nursing clothing that truly understands that style needn't be compromised for function. This is a local label founded by a mother who understands the demands of elegant nursing on the go and provides options of various nursing access.

I was sold by the fact that this is also an eco-conscious brand which uses natural fibres like organic cotton and bamboo and they feel soft on the skin even after several washes.

I've been using the clothing to death since Bud came along. For the tops, I've tried the neckline, side seam and vertical-front access; Love love love the neckline access. It's fast and easy. The side seam can be a bit tricky. Bud is quite active and more often than not he unlatches several times during the feed. I find it cumbersome to keep separating the material wide enough for Bud to continue with the feed. I least like the vertical-front access because both hands are required to do the zip, leaving Bud is a precarious position on my lap -- barring an extra set of hands for help.

I like the cutting of the bottoms too ranging from skirts, weekend shorts to capris.

Unlike the other maternity/nursing wear, MEV's quality does not deteriorate after several washes and it's good to wear even without ironing (who's not a busy mom, right?)

I just wished I'd tried this brand sooner when I was pregnant with Bud. At least I've 'stressed tested' the tops during nursing and these batch of clothes will again come useful for baby #2.....that is if they've not fallen apart from my incessant wearing.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marco! Polo!

Wei has a knack for looking out for these sorta things and was quite quick to point it out.

"Polo Bear?"

And why in the world are there automobiles with the great big bear?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Combi High Chair

It was big. It was bulky. It was simply OTT. I didn't care for it at first sight.

I baulked at the price.

"$270 plus? You must be kidding!"I thought.

2 months on, I've learnt to appreciate this Combi Rashule high chair.

For one, it is a chair on wheels. Bud goes wherever I am (to the kitchen, to the study) in the comfort of his chair and my hands are free to potter about.

It's high so no back-breaking moves for me and the older folks.

The back of the chair can be reclined backwards such that it's a sleeping bed (shown in the picture) or upwards -- for a baby as inquisitive as Bud, he sure likes the view.

The chair will also slide back and forth in a rocking motion; Bud has caught many a nap in this super chair.

There is a tray (not in pictures) which the baby could use during feeding and the seat cushion can be removed for machine wash.


1) The wheels go forwards and backwards; front wheels swivel but have their limitations especially around corners;

2) The cotton padding, even though touted as having a ventilating system, can be a bit thick. Bud has soaked it several times with his sweat;

3) There is a 5-point harness which protects the baby in various stages of growth, which is a plus actually. But I detest using the shoulder straps on Bud -- somehow it reminds me of the infamous picture of Dr. Hannibal in Silence of the Lambs.

All in all, I appreciate the convenience this high chair has provided. Bud seems to like it enough and like most babies who get bored easily, he fusses ocassionally to be carried.

Would I buy a second unit for home? Very tempting but I am deterred by the hefty price tag.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Body Postpartum Update

My hair has started to

3 months and 1 week since Bud's birth, I now see the strands of hair at the bathroom drain stopper. When I style my hair, a comb through my hair will take along at least 4 strands. My poor healthy hair!

My face started breaking out. Perfect timing, I thought, just when I am about to start work!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diapers Made Sexy

Read the word "nappy" and memories of the times I used to fold the white muslins for my nieces and nephew came to mind.

A girlfriend once said the usage of nappies was made possible by having the helper in the house do the laundry and we all know the work that's got to go into ensuring those muslins come out white after a big (poop) job.

Modern nappies these days come in such exciting colours. A little rinse, throw them into the machine and they are as good as new. No pre-folds necessary. It really is that easy. I was a little apprehensive, to be honest, whether the nappy will hold its own (pun intended) when it came to the low and the dirty.

Bud poos every 3-4 days. When poop day comes, I can hear the diaper shi*ting in its pants (another pun intended) 'cos it sure is a sh*t load, lemme tell you that.

Bud wears the Bumwear Pocket Diapers and so far, it hasn't disappointed.

I like the fact that:

1) the diaper is adjustable and Bud could wear it till he is 2 yo;

2) I am not adding to the refuse collection -- ordinary diapers take a long time to break down;

3) I am saving money (there's a neat illustration at the website on how much money you potentially save vis a vis buying a disposable diaper);

4) I could pass this down to Baby #2.

Bud wearing Bumwear

We've also been using Seventh Generation. The disposable diapers are free from chlorine bleaching, hence the natural brown hue. It is hypoallergenic and free from fragrance and latex. A pack of 40s cost $15.50 from NTUC Finest which doesn't cost anymore than your Mamy Pokos and your Pampers at S$0.38 a pop. There were times where the diaper couldn't contain the load. Bud's clothing was wet either at the back or at his side within the hour after a change. That was during the initial stage so it could've been that we didn't put on the diaper properly. As a breastfed baby, Bud's poo tends to be runny. On poo days, the yellow will inevitably stain the leg gathers onto his upper thighs. So we've haven't actually used it at night.

I've recently ordered another eco friendly disposable diaper from Oko Loco which brings in Moltex biodegradable diapers .

Will it do better than Seventh? I can't wait to find out. Watch this space for the review.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Low Bang, Lobang

His hair at the back is going as well!!

Dizzying Heights

If you remembered a post some months ago about something I was hankering for, well, I got it.

In my (weak) defense, it's a gift for myself to celebrate motherhood....since Wei doesn't know the concept of a push gift! Oh alright, not that I could ever bring it up to him anyway.

But this gilamama couldn't believe that she actually put her plastic ---and heart through a major workout. And she was doing so well, abstaining from retail therapy....until now, that is.

I had no intention of buying. "They wouldn't have my size," I assured myself but I tried asking anyway.

There it was sitting non-threateningly on the shelf. Once I had it on, I was beside myself.

It put the word "cleavage" to a new meaning.

No need to adjust your screen. It had the same dizzying effect on me.

PS: Me thinks the calf muscles will be quite solid from the tippy toeing away from skinny heel fiends like floor grouts and escalator teeth.
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