Monday, July 5, 2010

Dizzying Heights

If you remembered a post some months ago about something I was hankering for, well, I got it.

In my (weak) defense, it's a gift for myself to celebrate motherhood....since Wei doesn't know the concept of a push gift! Oh alright, not that I could ever bring it up to him anyway.

But this gilamama couldn't believe that she actually put her plastic ---and heart through a major workout. And she was doing so well, abstaining from retail therapy....until now, that is.

I had no intention of buying. "They wouldn't have my size," I assured myself but I tried asking anyway.

There it was sitting non-threateningly on the shelf. Once I had it on, I was beside myself.

It put the word "cleavage" to a new meaning.

No need to adjust your screen. It had the same dizzying effect on me.

PS: Me thinks the calf muscles will be quite solid from the tippy toeing away from skinny heel fiends like floor grouts and escalator teeth.


  1. Oh my..!!! They are super high and its pure stilettos! I can only hear my pooe bunions screaming if i put those lovely pair on my feet. Try strecthing them first before you bring them out for a walk in your office.

  2. Well done for yourself....>a lovely pair stilettos by Christian Louboutin!!!


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