Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tres Vogue for Mothers

I am really stoked to learn about Mothers En Vogue (MEV) at about the time Bud was born.

Here's a brand of maternity/nursing clothing that truly understands that style needn't be compromised for function. This is a local label founded by a mother who understands the demands of elegant nursing on the go and provides options of various nursing access.

I was sold by the fact that this is also an eco-conscious brand which uses natural fibres like organic cotton and bamboo and they feel soft on the skin even after several washes.

I've been using the clothing to death since Bud came along. For the tops, I've tried the neckline, side seam and vertical-front access; Love love love the neckline access. It's fast and easy. The side seam can be a bit tricky. Bud is quite active and more often than not he unlatches several times during the feed. I find it cumbersome to keep separating the material wide enough for Bud to continue with the feed. I least like the vertical-front access because both hands are required to do the zip, leaving Bud is a precarious position on my lap -- barring an extra set of hands for help.

I like the cutting of the bottoms too ranging from skirts, weekend shorts to capris.

Unlike the other maternity/nursing wear, MEV's quality does not deteriorate after several washes and it's good to wear even without ironing (who's not a busy mom, right?)

I just wished I'd tried this brand sooner when I was pregnant with Bud. At least I've 'stressed tested' the tops during nursing and these batch of clothes will again come useful for baby #2.....that is if they've not fallen apart from my incessant wearing.

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