Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Good & Not-so-good About NUH

Having gotten used to/ spoilt by the dedicated service of Raffles Hospital, here's my take on the good and bad sides to going to NUH:

The Bad
The waiting time is way longer ;
More people in the waiting lounge;
The seats are uncomfortable (otherwise there are only 4 couches available);
There's only water dispenser as opposed to hot-drink dispensing machines;
The staff makes it a point to flash price charts at you;
The recept staff pushes a pee stick to you (& expects you to know what to do with it) and expects you to take your own weight when you've just handed them the used stick;
Parking is an issue;
You don't get to see your baby at every visit 'cos there's no ultrasound machine in the gynae's room;
You have to wait again to take an ultrasound since the machine is in another room;
You don't get to pick and choose your next appointment date.

The Good
They offer to guide you through the delivery and post-natal wards;
A water birth mid-wife is assigned to you;
The hospital promotes in-rooming with your baby;
The bill is half of what I used to pay.

The bad outweighs the good but I'm keeping the big picture in mind - I know Wei & I will be in good hands for Bud's arrival on D-day and that's all that matters, ultimately.

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