Monday, February 22, 2010

My Humpty Dumpty

On the last day of the CNY holidays, Wei & I did some grocery shopping for dinner to be cooked.

We were at the car park heading towards the car.

The next thing I knew, I saw Wei on his side, laying on the floor with the 2 armful of shopping bags, motionless.

I cried out and in my pregnant, ass-swelling state, I touched him to see if he could be helped up.

I remember 2 cars heading out and they must have witnessed the commotion.

It was an epoxy flooring and a small pool of what looked like oil, blood or red-liquid of some sort.

According to my Humpty, he said thanks to bball that he learnt the art of fall smartly. He was motionless for a while 'cos he was trying to access his body damage, if any.

He could have hit his head on the cement block. That person on the floor could've been me.

Silly guy was more worried about the goods in the bag being damaged.

It was a close one that still makes me shudder.


  1. thank goodness...the One is looking out for the both of you!-WL

  2. Which mall? U shld have written in to complain. Did the 2 witnesses step fwd to help or they gawked like idiots? MK


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