Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Body Postpartum

You forget that the body has been to hell and back the day after the delivery. The system remains pumped with adrenaline and euphoria ... or maybe it's the drugs that fool you into thinking you are infallible and you could go through labour a few more times.

The ache & pain kicked-in about 24 hours later. Peeing needed some serious coaxing (oh gawd, i don't want to even think abt pooing), the legs were wobbly like jelly, the head was light, the tummy had that 'sour' sensation.

By the fifth day, I had more confidence walking and regained control of my legs. By the seventh day, I started peeing at will. I still felt sore nonetheless.

I was amazed by the "liquid gold" that came the day after delivery which will line Aidan's system with antibodies. As Wei crashed onto the couch next to me during the wee hours in the ward, I began to enjoy the bond with Bud more than I care to admit.

I was curious about the line down from my stomach to the start of my pubic area. Apparently my "linea nigra" will take some time to disappear (or not)...possibly a few months down the road. I was also quite happy about how fast the baby bump had gone down at 3weeks post delivery. And would you believe stretch marks! Woo hoo!

I hadn't realised until now that due to the pregnancy, my hair had been kept intact...and they are still intact. I think it should be falling out soon. That's about 9 * 30 * 1000 = 270,000 hair to fall out. Yikes...time to call Ken to cut it short first.

I'm sure most new mothers will atest to the fact that their wrists get weak(er) from the feeding, carrying, rocking the baby. It gets really stiff in the wee hours of the morning. OMG, my body is degenerating. Dr. Chong says parenting a child is THE labour so labour pains should be termed pre-labour instead. Yeah, good one.

Sometimes I will look down and wonder who this creature is attached to my breast most of the time; you'd think that with 30 hours of labour under my belt, I'd have more time to get used to the fact of this new addition to the family.

I still feel awed and humbled by his existence. I mean, we created him -- this beautiful boy.

How cool is that?

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  1. you are so blessed by your LP aka mixed blood with Malaysia (truly Asia)..LOL...and no stretch marks! So..2-piece on you soon enough..and time to show off..the bod !-wend


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