Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aidan Turns One Month

And just like that, Aidan turns a month old.

I could get nostalgic and say that the month flew by so fast.

There were many times when my life was just about those pockets of 5 minutes....especially during those 3am feeds and there was only zzzzs to accompany the silence of the night. I am currently not living in the comfort of my own home so there were other moments when i wished the day would come for me to get out of confinement. [ Who in the world decided that confinement is a month long anyway? ] I was planning my lunch appointments during those countless hours infront of the telly.

Motherhood is actually not so bad if Baby has a predictable pattern esp. sleeping pattern. So i am actually looking forward and hoping Aidan settles down to a routine. Here's looking to the 6th week when the turning point is supposed to be (?).

We threw a lunch for the foggies last weekend on this milestone:

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there..

    Hope u will head home to the East soon..or buy something near the IL..yet not having to be under the same roof..its just not the same!

    Take care..


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