Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010: Bud's First

In a not too distant past, Pa would always ask us what we wanted for Christmas so he could pass on the message to Santa. On Christmas morning, we'd inevitably find our gifts under the tree.

I'd received some of the best gifts ever from under that I'd wish I'd kept.

Bud is not too young to know about Christmas.

I sang to him Christmas hymns, placed him on my lap amidst studying while Corrinne May crooned in the background about The Gift, pasted Christmas jelly stickers in places where he'd gaze. My happiest contribution yet was to bring him to church to welcome the birth of The Emmanuel. There'll be more Christmas traditions to be embraced as he gets older.

We took Bud to the restaurant where Wei & I spent our last Christmas as a DINK (double income no kids).


He was a sweetheart and slept through most of our dinner and made an appearance for a special family shot.

This Christmas he got to see his cousins from Hong Kong for the first time. There's no greater love and joy than time spent with family. I put him in silly festive costumes which will make great pictures for the album. And the many nice gifts from the people who cares for him.

I do hope I made his first Christmas a special one.

Our Christmas sure has been magical with him around.

**See our Christmas in stills here.**

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  1. You need to add pix with his god ma too :) Nice dress (pink, can't believe you've kept this all these years) and I recognise his togs too!


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