Sunday, December 26, 2010

Letters To Bud: Guilt

Dearest Bud

I'm sorry Mummy hasn't spent much time with you since she's started work.

Mummy will like to think that she's giving you a better future with this new job but all she's doing is providing you greater material comfort.....which means squat to you if she's not there, mentally.

With the limited time we have with each other in the evenings, my mind is distracted, my eyes -- not on you. You get curious over Mummy's text book and the number of tears and crumpled pages were testiment to how Mummy tried to marry her 2 priorities together.

You shouldn't have to be embroiled in my struggle.

On weekends, Daddy has had to step it up to just so that Mummy had the time to study in the next room. I hated to be so near yet so far away.

You know what? After 3 unsuccessful tries, Mummy finally made it!!!

Mummy got on the phone with Daddy and we were both laughing and crying at the same time. We did it, Buddy.....the 3 of us. It was your sacrifice as much as it was Daddy's.

Now I feel like a dark cloud has lifted and blown could go on as we all knew it.

Mummy's back. No more distractions, no more sneaking away... Mummy can pick up her reading on parenting books and we can spend solid time together.

We're gonna have a great year ahead!

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