Friday, January 28, 2011

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

This toy got Bud & I waiting for about 2 months on the reservation list.

Bud had started to jump around on laps or any surface he was on. This flooring secured by suspension was perfect for him, I thought; not as hard as the floor and he could get the upward leverage that he desired as well.

Maybe it was the wait that built up the hype or perhaps Bud had simply outgrown his wants and looked for greater ‘adventures’ in a toy.

Quite often, he fussed when placed in the Bounce. The platform frustrated him because the upward mobility was lacking. The Sun toy stalk ratchets proved a potential danger for head/facial injury when Bud threw back his head while rotating in his seat. Bud used it as a teether, bending the stalk down to put his mouth to it but the catapult action had smacked him in the face before. The Bounce is quite compact as a triangular space saving design but has compromised on the range of toys offered.

We were quite happy when the lease was ending with a new toy on its way.

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