Monday, January 24, 2011

A Ta-Da Outburst

It was a Saturday night on day 295 and we were getting ready for bed.

I was in the bathroom doing what I usually do.

Wei was with Bud on the bed having some quiet down time.

There were laughter, there were the gurgling sounds that Bud has a habit of making.

"Da Da!", said the little voice.

It was short, it was clear and by golly, it was resounding.

It prompted me to walk out to the bedroom.

"Did you hear that?!", I asked.

I egged him on to repeat it.

"Say 'Da Da'!"

"Da Da!" said little Bud.

As magical and unexpected as it came, I've not had much success for Bud to say those words again; each attempt elicits a smile or laughter from him.

'Da Da'......his first little word.

And that's ok.

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