Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bud's Monthly Treats

Thanks to Toy Rental World, I have reaffirmed my decision not to buy toys for Bud.

We shuttle between 2 homes every week where one, the space is tight and the other, clutter is abhorred.

At the rate that Bud is growing, certain toys may be rendered superfluous in a matter of weeks.

Bud is certainly not complaining.

We keep his toy offerings fresh.

Luckily, Bud doesn’t have any special affinity or attachment to his toys which makes it easy to transition from one toy to another.

Toy Rental disinfects the toys and wraps them up in plastic (if regular-shaped) for delivery. It’s hassle-free: the toys are delivered to your door-step and pick-up is also arranged. The site owner is easily contactable should there be any queries or issues to be clarified. Rentals are for a month at a time and some popular items can be reserved, if so desired. I’ve checked out some other similar sites but the toy offerings are not as varied and the prices not as competitive.

We’ve been renting their toys for 6 months now.

Bud certainly liked some more than others from the ‘abuse’ that he’s put the hapless ones through.

Bear with me while I attempt to do a review on each of the toy Bud’s played with:

Evenflo Exersaucer Ultra 2_in_1

Evenflo In the Garden ExerSaucer Walk Around

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Activity Station

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Stn (Tropical Fun/DoodleBug)

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone

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