Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing Frosty About This Love

I read blogs and cannot help but get reeled into the author's lives -- their pain, their struggles, their joys, their love.

This is my drama serial and the good news (to me) is-- there never has to be an end, a final episode.

I am a sucker for love stories...especially those of 2 people who'd dated, broken up, been with other people, only to rekindle their love and end up marrying each other.

Early this year, my best pop artist had won his best girl.

Jason Mraz co-wrote what I think is a really sexy come-on song with Tristan Prettyman (isn't her name pretty?) called "Shy That Way" in 2002. They dated and ended their relationship in 2006.
I'll like to think that he wrote "You & I Both" for her.

I got the chance to know her through her concert here at the Esplanade. We had a very short chat. She's so tall, pretty, unassuming with a laid-back surfer girl vibe who's not shy that she's an A.D.D.

I'd secretly hoped that they'll get back together as a couple.

Fast forward 5 years, Jason proposed to Tristan on 23 Dec and tweeted that "She said Yes." -- a funny romantic recount of his near-perfect proposal that almost was not.

Then came her blog about her newly-engaged status and her 'love-song' for her man, how she knew he'd be the One from Day One. Swoon.......

Maybe at the end of the day, the twists and turns that life throws at us, while playing an important role in moulding who we are, are just teasers to the what we intuitively know to be the end result. It's like we take the detour just to be sure of our dreams/goals. Am I making sense?

I leave you with this song that they wrote ""All I Want For Christmas is Us" together in November 2005.

May they write many more beautiful music together and have lovely kids.

Love is all around. Go seek yours.

PS: Mraz is Czech for "Frost".

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