Monday, January 31, 2011

Evenflo Exersaucer Ultra 2 in 1

The Exersaucer was our first rental so in many ways, this toy was special.

"He is very happy w his new toy," texted the nanny.

These were music to any mummy's ears, specially when she's just returned to the work force and missing the bubs heaps. At least, he's having fun.

Bud's just discovered the joy of bouncing and needless to say, any pair of arms spared for a baby with never-ending energy is a welcome reprieve.

When we returned home, Bud was bouncing on the toy like a happy bunny to the extent that the toys were vibrating with his energy. It was a funny sight!

The height of the chair can be adjusted to 3 various positions so the toy can grow with your baby. The playmat is slightly quilted so there is additional padding for your baby's fleshy undersole. The table is supported/suspended by springs in its 3 legs.

The table is replete with toys for tiny, wondering fingers; Baby will be hard-pressed to get bored of it easily. Bud's motor skills were not that developed at that point to utilize the toys fully. I reckon that you'll get your 32 credits well-spent there and perhaps some time to potter about the house while Baby gets busy in the exersaucer.

As a bouncer, the toy definitely satisfied that criteria.

The downside is that the toy is a tad old-looking. Not a biggie, really, but has to be said in the spirit of honesty here.

The toys are a wee bit close for comfort. There is a cup that comes up in close proximity to Bud's head with a rather sharp rim. An orange star could potentially poke the little one's eye. A yellow teddy bear gave Bud a nasty scratch at the eyebrow as it was poking out on the tray. So you see, quite a few nasty traps lurking about. We ended up removing one or 2 toys which then falls short an effective toy on the whole.

I would recommend renting this for an older baby to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

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