Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Aid Debate

Wei's been having some liquid in his left ear and it's been bugging him for weeks.

Naturally, he's afraid of an infection in there as a foreboding of something worse to happen.

He saw Dr. Chan, his ENT specialist, 2 days back as part of his regular check-up and luckily all worked out well.

They revisited the issue on hearing aid and it seemed more real now since Dr. Chan brought it up. Wei's hearing in his right ear is functioning at 20-30% now.

I tried not to be too depressed by the thought. There's no shame in having an aid, I thought. Adrian, a fellow NPC survivor, never quite regained his sense of taste. What will that be like?

When the day comes where Wei has to insert the foreign aid, so it will be.

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  1. Hearing aids are noe slim and sleek. On the positive side, he'll be able to hear every sound bud and you will make.


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