Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be Kegel-icious

Pregnant women have an exercise regime of a different kind.

I try to do my 50 reps of Kegel exercise on a daily basis. I have never thought about toning the group of muscles in there until when I sneezed one day or when I only gently coughed the other day.

Oh no siree, I was not prepared for the outcome.

Kegel is advocated to pregnant women to prepare the pelvic floor from the stresses of vaginal birth. But having said that, Kegel is said to increase...ahem... sexual gratification and more importantly to prevent urinary incontinence.

After getting some serious calf cramps where Wei had to jump into action to de-cramp me, I have to also stretch my calves before and after bed.

Then there are the half squats, said to open up the hip & pelvic floor. Sam, our yoga teacher, makes our legs shiver when she prolongs the pose for 2 minutes. She's also mentally training us to liken our discomfort in the awkward pose to labour and how we must use our breathing to cope with the various stages of birthing.

Of all the things I said, just remember one thing:
Do your Kegels

It may be small, it may not be visible but by golly just imagine how powerful it will be by the time you hit 60.

The female inside will thank you for keeping its modesty (as oppose to saying howdy do).

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