Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cord Banking vs. Delayed Cord Clamp

I was bent on going for cord banking before I was pregnant. What's there to think about? Cord banking is about saving lives, isn't it? After Wei's medical history, there was no doubt that we were letting the cord blood go to waste.

But Hyponobirthing changed certain notions I had.

Torn, I sought my cousin's view on cord banking. She has a young baby, is married to a GP and also deeply religious. I thought she could shed some light on where she stands on the medical vs religious front. Instead, she wrote to me to pray for the right answer to come.

Right......I did ask for it, didn't I?

Wei & I did some research and the answer was pretty clear.

1. Cord Banking collection requires the gynae/father to cut the cord soon after the birth of the baby.
2. There is debate on how long the cord blood is viable.
3. The stem cells will be useful for baby's suffering from blood disorders like leukemia, thalessemia. As for the growth of organs etc, this may be light years ahead and we are talking about the possibilities, not the reality.
4. Cord blood is too little to be of use for an adult.
5. The likelihood for the child suffering from leukemia using his own cord blood is ineffective as the stem cells are 'young'and likely to be rejected by his own body.

From CSL Cartoonstock

The blood inside the placenta and the cord belongs to the baby. Bud will need all that oxygen to his organs. If the cord is cut too early, all that oxygenated blood will splatter all over and go to waste. Once all that blood goes to Bud, the delivery of the placenta will be easier and smaller. Most times, hospitals hasten the cutting of the umbilical cord for the baby to be cleaned quickly and then move on to their next task.

The only thing we can't be certain of is the occurence of jaundice in Bud since his blood may become too thick from Polycythemia, causing excess blood to produce bilirubin, the yellow pigment seen on jaundiced baby.

When the time comes, I guess Bud will just be a sunny baby then.

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