Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Choosing Water Birth

After a couple of weeks of reading up, asking fellow hypnobirthers on the experience, weighing the pros and cons, I have finally decided to go with water birth.

Currently at 31 weeks, that will entail switching of gyanes and hospitals.

Why do I choose water birth?

As a Piscean, water is second nature to me - nothing comes between us when we are together. I remember being in an onsen in Tokyo last April. While Wei hated the high temp (I guess he was thinking on behalf of his buddies) , I was in my own little heaven. The warm water in the birthing tub has been know to provide a sense of pain relief for mothers in labour and I know it will see me through them toughest of contractions.

Water birth is like a subset to hypnobirthing way. It is all natural (no drug assistance), minimal perineum tearing and it is the least traumatic way to introduce the newborn to the world (water-to-water). Not to mention because you get a tub to yourself, it's akin to having your own breathing space amid the craziness of labour pains.

So I tell Ginny, my hypnobirthing instructor and a doula, about my decision. As luck will have it, Ginny had committed to a teaching assignment overseas during my EDD. [All water births need to be assisted by a doula.]

It was a huge HUGE bummer for me. I couldn't think about not having Ginny there. Ginny knows us through the many hours Wei & I spent with her and I know Ginny - enough to know that she is good at what she does. To have another doula in her place is like having to know someone all over again and then inviting that person to one of your most personal events in life and you want everything to be perfect.

The hunt is on for that ONE (perfect) doula.

I hope we meet soon.


  1. I know what you mean. Its a shame she cannot assist your labour. Nehmind, maybe your chosen doula will be better than Ginny.

  2. Oh wow... keep me updated! Glad to know hypnobirthing has been a good experience for you so far. Very excited about your birth! But please come for A's birthday party first

  3. Pumpkinmama: I hope everything goes as planned on D-day. Am just firming up plans on the same day as thr party - will let you know!


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