Friday, March 19, 2010

Bud's Wishlist

Bud's making a list and missing a couple of items for his arrival:

1. Onesies - Various sizes @ Threadless having their $10 offers (light colours preferred) :);
2. "JJ Cole" Mode Tote Bag - Available in Mothercare, price: $109

(Cocoa Tree, Blue Vine design preferred);

3. Cot sheets (fitted 60cm x 120cm);
4. Cot bumper & cot mobile;
5. 1 pair of scratch mits;
6. 4 pieces wrap-over vests with little strings;

Gift registries have also been set-up at:
a) Mummy Knows Best
b) Bumwear

Just Key in:
"Jacqueline Koh" (Name)
"20 March 2010"(Event date)

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