Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spice, Sports, S*x

I've eaten spicy food for the past week....Thai, Indon, Mexican.....still no baby.

Then I climbed 8 storeys to my flat....all it did was to give my lungs some workout, my glutes a wee bit tighter and probably a little fiesty Bud.

"Having sex" keeps popping up as one of the natural ways of induction, so much so that a colleague said it really worked for her when I said my good-byes at the office.

Alrighty Bud, it's time your daddy finished the job that he started in the first place. Desperate time calls for desperate measures: mummy will waylay him and then pounce on him for some quick action. Just be ready for the ride.



  1. ahahahahaha..... i bet Wei still has that scared and harassed look on his face till now :D


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