Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wei's Diaper Cake

My husband has a strange affinity for stuff toys - actually the other man I know with this affinity is my brother-in-law.

I find it stange ├žos I don't play with stuff toys....but Wei usually uses it to make me laugh and I can't help but fall for it.

We were at Ikea this week and he purposely placed a monkey (I don't remember the animal actually) peeking out of the in-house shopper bag to catch my attention. Last night he held out a stuffed tiger, a gift for Bud, and did a peek-a-boo when I was in the bathroom.

This is the playful side of Wei that most people don't see...and as much as I roll my eyes sometimes, his antics keeps the relationship fresh.

I present to you Wei's version of a diaper cake:

"Diaper Cake": You Won't Want to Eat this Cake, But the Mother-to-Be Will Love It!
a creative centerpiece for a baby shower. This cake won't be served to the guests for dessert. But this cake will do double duty as a cute centerpiece and a very practical gift for the new baby. What new baby couldn't use a few extra diapers stacked up in the nursery?
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