Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Such a Difference A Day Makes

I have just turned off the telly that has been on since 1000hr. It's been working hard for 5 full hours - in between my morning Weetabix, the calls from Wei, Sha'n, mom, the mail lady, my ham sandwich lunch....it's been working hard, which is more than I can say for this 74.4 kg heavily pregnant body.

Thank God for medical dramas, cute Residents, whiny Interns and the whole DVD boxset. It takes my mind off things and my eyes off the clock. Wei was not too sure if time was on my side but I think he heard the desperation in my voice. And I think I'm not doing too badly at the rate of finishing the whole season.

I'd much liked yesterday better where I had a plan, places to go, people to meet:

It started with meeting Sharon for b'fast. Little A started his first day at nursery. As much as I thought Sharon needed company, I needed to get out of the house so that Aunty could clean the house in peace. I woofed down a bowl of fishball noodle and a plate of black 'char kuey' and caught up with her.

Barely 2 hours later, I was eating again - with Sandra, my Doula. I had mixed berry fruit tart and latte. Sandra wanted us to have girly time together, a bonding session presumably before she saw the monstrous side of a labouring me in the delievry ward.

I walked a km to rent my DVD, did some grocery shopping & waited for Linda dropped by the house for tea.

Like I said, I'd much liked yesterday better. Lounging around is not quite for me.

Tomorrow will be different again. Roz in town for a catch-up, Doctor to see....I will be out of the house.

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